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Caminhadas Trilhas Rio de Janeiro Brasil

Supertrail underway for Rio

Published in 11/03/2013


ToursRio de Janeiro will open an ecological supertrail in 2016, stretching 250 kms, making it the largest ecological trail in an urban area - in the world!

It will go from the west zone of the city, passing Sugar Loaf and to the south zone, taking locals and tourists alike, through the hills and forests of The Marvelous City. The path predicted to take an average of 20 days in total, will pass spectacular viewpoints and waterfalls, and travel through the Tijuca National Park and the Pedra Branca State Park.

Rio de Janeiro's Environmental Secretary, Calos Minc, promises it will be a national benchmark in Brazilian ecotourism. There will be the same level of signage and in steep sections there will be steps or handrails. Forty kilometers of the trail has already received theTijuca signage on trees and rocks. There will be enhanced security with police and park rangers throughout the supertrail.

So far, 180 km has been set by Mosaic Carioca, the entity responsible for Transcarioca that unites municipal, state and federal. Of this, 130km is the main route and the rest are outputs that lead to waterfalls, lookouts and other attractions. The expectation of the founder and current manager of the Instituto Chico Mendes, Pedro da Cunha, is to reach 2014 with 75 km completed.

The State Environmental Institute (INEA) will bilingual trail guides. The material, with photos, maps, and recommendadtions of access for the trail and also eco-tips - will be offered to visitors of Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca (in Rio), Three Peaks (Waterfalls Macacu, Teresopolis, Freiburg, Guapimirim and Silva Jardim) and Serra da Tiririca (Niteroi and Marica) from 2014. It will also be on the Inea site to download.

In parallel, the company was contracted to map access and suggest ttractions, such as lookouts, on 24 tracks from the three parks. Two months ago, 37 professionals scattered across the state parks to discover new points of interest in unexplored areas. The goal is to create new services such as tourist guides, restaurants and shops.

In Teresopolis, in the Vale da Revolta, an ecological complex will be built with camping, tree climbing, zipline, bike hire, accommodation, restaurant and a helipad. The work, with a value of U.S. $ 10.5 million is currently open to tender. The space is expected to receive 100, 000 people per year.



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