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Petrópolis x Teresópolis


Petrópolis x Teresópolis


Petrópolis x Teresópolis


Every day


R$ 750,00



Imagine trekking from the warm humid valleys of the Atlantic Forest, rich in rare tree species and tropical birds, up onto some of Rio’s highest peaks and mountain ridges, opening your eyes to spectacular views across the Serra dos Órgãos National Park and of the awesome rock formations to be found within it.

The Travessia Petrópolis-Teresópolis is certainly one of the most beautiful walks in Brazil... literally breathtaking!

Deep in the heart of the Atlantic Forest, 2hrs inland from the city of Rio, the Serra dos Órgãos combines primary Atlantic Forest (of the little remaining a large proportion of it has been replanted) and mountain landscape. As we set off climbing through the forest you will see in the distance some of the peaks and surreal rock formations to be discovered throughout the hike, such as Castelo do Açu an incredible formation of giant rocks resembling a castle atop a mountain at 2,246m, O Garrafão (The Huge Bottle!), Pico Dedo de Deus (The Finger of God!), Escalavrado and Pedra do Sino (Bell Rock) are just a few. Reaching the highest point of the region, 2,263m, is rewarded, not only by the sense of achievment, but also by the most magnificent views!

We will hike along forested paths and through open landscapes onto rocky ridges and mountain peaks, finding along the way rivers and waterfalls ideal to stop, refresh, and enjoy the purity of the nature surrounding you. At night there is another surprise, far from the light pollution of the city, the stars and nebulas shine so brightly in the sky making every moment of this experience unforgettable!







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